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Why choose Joey?
As mums ourselves, our main goal is to assist new mothers through early motherhood. We honestly believe that baby wearing is the key to easily transitioning your little one through the 4th Trimester. Our dream is to combine baby wearing and style, ensuring you feel your best while you adjust to your new normal.

What are the age and weight recommendations for your baby carriers?
Our latest range can be used from 3kg to 8kg-10kg (approx. 10-12 months). If your baby is under 3kg, we recommend speaking to your doctor or paediatrician prior to using. Our Rider Buckle carrier can be used from 5.5kg to 20kg, we recommend this carrier as the perfect next step to continue on your baby wearing journey.

What are your Joey baby wrap carriers made out of?
Our baby wrap carriers are made from 94% Modal and 6% Spandex. Modal is silky soft, breathable, lightweight and moisture absorbing. It is made from beech tree pulp. Our Rider Buckle Carrier is made from 100% cotton and machine washable.

Why should I use a baby wrap carrier over a structured baby carrier with buckles?
Our baby wrap carriers mimic life in the womb. They are made from soft fabric which embraces your baby's body like a warm hug as they snuggle up against you. In a wrap carrier your baby is able to enjoy a gentle motion/bounce as you move which is very reminiscent of the womb. Structured baby carriers are the perfect next step for continuing your baby wearing journey for when your baby is older. We highly recommend starting in a wrap carrier and moving to a buckle carrier once your baby is holding their own head up and would enjoy facing outward more than inward.  

How long can my baby be in the wrap carrier?
As long as your little one is positioned correctly (squat position for healthy hips) and airways are clear and visible you can wear them for as long as you are both comfortable. Baby wearing is essentially like cuddling your baby. Most babies wouldn't be in the wrap for longer than 2 hours as they would need feeds.

I'm not sure I have it on correctly, can you help?
We are always available to assist in ANY way we can as we want to support all parents through their baby wearing journeys. Please email or DM us with any queries you have! We also have an instructional video on our How To page and social media. Please ensure you read our Safety Guidelines before you begin baby wearing.

What are the benefits of baby wearing?
There are endless benefits to baby wearing, both for baby and parent/caregiver. It is a beautiful way to bond, its hands free for convenience, it promotes breastfeeding as it assists with boosting milk production and also enables discreet breastfeeding on the go. It aids in both physical and emotional development for your baby, reduces the symptoms of colic and reflux, prevents flat head syndrome and also keeps prying hands away. I could honestly go on...

Are they really 'one size fits all'?
Our baby wrap carriers are made from one long piece of material that you tie onto yourself. Meaning it is fully adjustable for the wearer. They comfortably fit both men and women in all different body shapes and sizes. Our Rider Buckle carrier is able to fit up to woman's size 16-18.

Can I wear my baby forward facing/on my back?
Our baby wrap carrier is NOT recommended for forward facing or back carrying. Please ensure you only wear your baby as recommended on our Safety Page. If you would like to carry your baby in these positions once they are old enough, we would recommend our Rider Buckle Carrier.

I had a C-Section, can I use a baby wrap carrier?
Yes! Our wrap carriers are worn high (ensuring you follow the T.I.C.K.S rule) so your baby will sit above your incision. Our wraps are made from extremely silky soft material, ensuring yours and your baby's comfort. Extra care should be taken when putting on and taking off your wrap. If you are unsure, we recommend discussing baby wearing with your Doctor.

How do you recommend I wash my Joey baby carrier?
We recommended a cold, gentle machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry in the shade.

Shipping information?
We use Australia Post for all domestic shipping - we love them and their reliability. For more information on shipping please click here.

Do you offer returns?
For returns information please click here.


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